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psychedelic rainbow in the mountains at the top. Psychedelic Therapist claimed that mountain

Banff National Park - Canada by by Mariana Tellez

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Psychedelics Integration

I help you to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness for healing and self-discovery, and to integrate these impactful experiences into your life.

I provide a confidential and supportive space for you to grow and change.

If you have experienced Psychedelics, 

or if that is something you have been wanting to explore, I offer a safe place, and provide education, guidance and support with your journey preparation and integration.


Personal Transformation
Assisted by
Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

psychedelic ceremony preparation
psychedelic art
psychedelic ocean

Non-ordinary states of consciousness, and Psychedelic medicines, have become increasingly popular to explore the inner workings of our minds and gain insight into life's questions.

Science is on its way to prove that psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, LSD and DMT (ayahuasca)  are incredibly effective in treating mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. These substances are helping those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses manage their anxiety.*

Numerous accounts indicate that medicines can act as mood boosters and are beneficial in treating chronic pain and anger management.

Beyond that, psychedelics are now being utilized as pathways for personal growth and self-actualization, in addition to cultivating spiritual awareness and increasing intellectual capacity.

Psychedelics can be immensely effective when administered in an appropriate environment with the right intentions, combined with the support of a knowledgeable individual. That's where come into play!

I provide education and integration services in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere for those who are planning to or have undergone mind altered experiences. I help foster an environment where you can reflect and learn to comprehend how these journeys may shape healing and personal growth.
My methods are based on my personal life experiences combined with hundreds of hours of research into psychology and human potential as well as an academic foundation in Counselling and Life.

* Sources:

Harvard University

Johns Hopking University 

Healing - Education - Evolution


Education & Information Sessions

Get to know what Psychedelics and Non-Ordinary States are all about.

Save hundred's of hours of research

psychedelic Session in Progress

Integration Coaching

Preparation sessions, Psychedelic Guide, Dealing with difficult experience, Post experience integration

Life Coaching psychedelics

Life Coaching

After Integration, re-design you new life using modern Life Coaching Techniques


*Actively Generating Exceptional New Thinking


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